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Serious Snackage!

Do you like cotton candy? How about soft serve ice cream? Have you ever wanted to be served by a robot? You’re in luck! We bring Rapid City and the surrounding areas the first vending machines slingin fresh snacks by the order and powered by robots! 

Guy eating ice cream.
Soft Serve Ice Cream

Our robots whip up fresh soft serve ice cream on demand.  No human error, no frozen lines and no stale sundaes.  ‘Out of Service’ sign not needed.

Chick eating cotton candy.
Cotton Candy

We can almost guarantee that you’ve never seen cotton candy like this before! Our robots spin up fresh fairy floss with up to three different flavors and folded into 1 of 30 different shapes for each flavor!

Just a cool robot guy

All of our machines use cutting edge technology from touch pad ordering to programmed robotic arms and systems.

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See Us In Action!

Our machines run 24/7/365 so we are open for business any time the doors are open at our permanent locations! No sick days and no scheduling required!

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